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“I love these guys! Wayne and Kenny are so easy to work with and do a great job servicing my car.  I grew up in Northborough and my parents use East Main and even now that I’m living more than 30 minutes away I still prefer to bring my car here.  I drop it off in the morning and pick it up after work for all my repairs. They do a great job working with my schedule (and often on pretty short notice) to make it work.  I’ve never had a bad or even wishy-washy experience with them.  They’ve taken care of my car doing everything from oil changes, timing belts, tires, mysterious clanking noises and anything in between.

Two rebuilt transmissions at franchises and some credit card debt later and I’ve learned my lesson! Don’t let a terrible experience with those chain “mechanics” be the turning point that makes you realize it’s nice to know the people working on your car by name.”

-Terri, Webster MA

“My neighbor works at East Main and when I needed service that my Dad couldn’t do for me I brought my car there. If I can trust anyone in this area and outside the family with my car, it’s my neighbor, Wayne. They are courteous, professional and I have never had a problem with anything they’ve done for me.”
-Donna, Northborough MA

“I am leery and cynical by nature, but I can’t even begin to write enough good things about East Main St. Automotive! I mainly stumbled onto this shop because I own a Mercedes Benz and did not want to get soaked by the dealer for service, so I was actively seeking a repair shop competent to service and/or repair my car.

This shop exceeded and continues to exceed my wildest expectations. All of the staff members are honest, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable. The workmanship and customer service is top notch. Car repairs are, by their nature, expensive – but the prices are objectively very reasonable and an unbelievable value given the quality of work.”

-Chris, Holden MA

“This place was terrific!  I brought my car in after an expensive visit to another local repair shop and was very impressed with both their customer service and cost.  They changed the oil, replaced a headlight bulb, AND diagnosed and repaired a problem created by the previous repair shop and only charged me $5 for labor… I know where I’ll be taking my car from now on.”
-Shell, Shrewsbury MA

“My wife and I had been using a repair shop in the town she grew up in because she trusted them.  I was tired of driving 1/2 hour from the house whenever we needed car repairs.  We received a recommendation from a local business owner regarding East Main Automotive and decided to give them a try.  I am glad we did.  They were honest, courteous, and even recommended not fixing something right then and there because it wasn’t completely necessary.  East Main is 5 minutes from my house and I will continue to service my vehicles there and highly recommend them.”
-Scott, Northborough MA

“Kenny, Wayne, Rick, and all they guys – You’re awesome!  That’s why we send EVERYONE WE KNOW to you! See you for the next service!”
-Kristin, Northborough MA

“I love this place. I won’t let anyone else touch my vehicle.”
-Netta, Worcester MA